[4K] "Extreme Wave" 100% | Old Impossible Level | One Clip Run | Geometry Dash

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So this level was made like over 5 years ago and it kinda surprises me how good the level looks for something so old. The intention of the creator was to just make a speedhacked wave challenge level and that's how he verified it, thought it would be pretty interesting to do it for the series. In today's standards, this could be verified as an Extreme Demon, but don't underestimate the level.
If you want to request your own impossible level requests, you can do it by joining my discord server; and requesting them in ''impossible-requests''.

I did the last wave different lol, just a meme
Extreme Wave (Old Impossible Level/Extreme Demon) | by JJjo | Geometry Dash ()

Auto and Cuts were NOT used during the making of this video. It's a one clip run going from 0 to 100 using NoClip and Speedhacks.
I also don't use ybot or xbot.

➚ Texture pack: ToshDeluxe Texture Pack (Private)
➚ Texture pack contribution; iRoyzo, Endy, Senya, Mystic, Lightning Vortex
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