Australia's 'great' coronavirus strategy was 'let down in Victoria'

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Liberal MP Katie Allen says while Australia had a great coronavirus strategy in place the nation was “let down in Victoria”.

Ms Allen told Sky News host Chris Kenny the breakdown in the state’s hotel quarantine program and poor tracking and tracing efforts lead to the virus situation spiralling out of control.

“So we do know what works and I would have loved it if the rest of Australia had happened in Victoria, which is good quarantining, putting out spot fires with tracking and tracing and being very targeted,” she said.

“I’m not surprised that Melburnians, Victorians, Australians understand that they need to give up their personal freedoms to get COVID under control but then what they want to see those restrictions lifted and they want to get back to work.

“We don’t want to be closed a day longer than we need to be but also people don’t want to give up on the weeks and many months that they’ve put their lives on hold to then lose control again.

“That’s why the quarantining and the track and tracing in Victoria has been so disappointing not just for Melburnians and Victorians but for all of Australia.”

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