Chinya -The Untold Story | Large Short Film 2020 | Gangster | Pls use earphones for better result

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Finally, after a year of constant struggle with post production and the global pandemic, we present to you a Large Short Film explaining the uncertainties in life.
This year has been exceptional in so many ways. This year has also been a reminder of how predictable life can be.
'Chinya- The Untold Story' shows us a stark reality of the underworld and the fact that many innocent lives fall for the glamour of the underworld without knowing the repercussions.
Chinmay Guhagarkar
Harshad Velonde
Aswad Arvind Pednekar
Prasad Pawar
Ganesh Chalke
Vaibhav R. Parkar
Ramdas Laxman Parkar
Deepak Patekar
Gauravi Gurunath Pednekar
Vikas Vijay Pednekar
Suman Dhuri

Harshad Velonde
Aswad Pednekar

Ajay Tayde

Written and Directed by:
Aswad Arvind Pednekar

Produced By:
Maharshi Productions

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