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Today we gonna see the lightning dragon vs electric defense. The Electro Dragon will be facing his not really relevant enemy the tesla family. Giga Tesla and Hidden Tesla is member of tesla family. We will see electro dragon survive facing giga tesla as well hidden tesla. While we only have one giga tesla we can use up to 5 hidden tesla. So the duel will be electro dragon vs 5 hidden tesla and electro dragon vs giga tesla. Tesla family will compete against each other to be the best tesla. This battle will show strength, durability and consistency of every participant.

Electro Dragon has chain lightning as their special attack which is really destructive especially against many defense at once. Electro Dragon also has really good durability that can compensate his lack of attack speed. Electro Dragon has good attack but the charge time is pretty long.

Giga tesla in the other hand is really good defense which is why we can only have one (inside our Town Hall 12). It can deal damage to multiple unit at once and not just a damage it's huge damage per second. It is basically a town hall so it has great hitpoint and took time to destroy it. Good damage and good durability, what a perfect defense.

Hidden tesla can't really use its ability this time since we don't really hide the tesla anymore. We gonna use 5 tesla and if we combine the total damage it can deal a decent damage to electro dragon. Tesla not really have a great hitpoint but we'll see how durable it is against electro's chain lightning.

Anyway who's gonna win in this epic battle?
Electro Dragon with its chain lightning?
Giga Tesla with its giga lightning ball?
or Hidden Tesla with its electricity power?


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