FBI, Texas Rangers, and US Marshals united in action; Lin Wood: Georgia officials to be jailed?

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Today we will discuss how FBI, Texas Rangers and the Marshals united in action and jointly raided the headquarters of SolarWinds in Austin, Texas. This is big news, because the voting machines used SolarWinds’ products.

Isn't it interesting? No sooner had Barr announced his resignation on Dec. 14 than the Justice Department made its move. How do you interpret that?
Also, in today’s episode, two separate slates of electors from the electoral college were cast in seven states, each casting votes for their own candidate, leaving 84 votes pending for congressional decision on Jan. 6th.

But the left media still reported that the former Vice President "won" the election, another oddity. The former Vice president, under the malicious propaganda of the left media, credited these invalid votes to his name, saying that he got 306+ votes. If this is the case, then President Trump's 232 votes plus these 84 votes should make 316 votes.

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