FINAL CONTINGENCY CONTRACT Strategy Guide 18 RISK & ABOVE (F2P Friendly) | Arknights Guide (Part 3)

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This is the third and final part of the Contingency Contract strategy guide for F2P players to clear Arknights' Contingency Contract at a HIGH RISK (18 Risk & Above).

As of writing this, there is 3 HOURS LEFT before Contingency Contract releases on Arknights EN! I super rushed this guide out ASAP to give you guys some time to prepare- so I hope you can forgive the quality drop or any mistakes made!

I will analyze how and why these strategies work and what you can do to replicate them if you do not have the right units.

Part one of this guide will focus solely on dealing with the Casters and Top Casters in Contingency Contract.

Hellagur Strat - 25 Risk by 莱茵实验组

Ange Blast - 25 Risk by 莱茵实验组

Low Rarity - 18 Risk by Code_Sheep

Red kills Caster - 18 Risk by 尽如繁花

E1 only - 18 Risk by ins2

Firewatch + Platinum Sniper Strat - 18 Risk by ins2

Exusiai sniper strat - 18 Risk by 西街雨

Shirayuki sniper strat - 18 Risk by 海川海川

Exusiai Sniper Strat 2 - 18 Risk by Kumaツ

Schwarz Sniper Strat - 18 Risk by 花魅丶

SilverAsh Top Caster - 20 Risk by Just3c

Hellagur & Flamebringer Top Caster - 14 Risk by 无奈的小二

Melantha Top Caster - 14 risk by 一只薯条-

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