Free Blog Review(5) - 16 साल के लड़के को मिला Google News का Approval।ओर कोन सी गलतियां कर रहा है वो?

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This is the 5th Blog of the 100 blog review series. This blog is owned by a 16 years old boy from delhi. He already has Adsense and Google News Approval.

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00:00 Intro
01:25 Vishal Intro
02:22 Why Vishal Started Blogging
03:18 Why Vishal made his blog on Wordpress
04:51 Total Post on Vishals Blog'
05:30 About Us Page Analysis
06:51 When did Vishal’s Adsense got approved
07:33 Traffic on Vishals Blog
07:49 Target Audience
08:25 Server Location of Hosting
08:39 Why Server Location is important while selecting Hosting
09:57 Speed as an Important SEO factor with Example
11:16 Have Vishal used CDN
11:42 Importance of page Size and HTML
13:17 What is Pipe and its importance
16:49 Pros and Cons of Using Copy paste Disable Plugin
19:54 Google News Approval and how to get traffic from it
24:49 Total Wordpress Plugins
25:07 What is Caching with Example
29:04 What is AMP and its problems
30:05 Other Wordpress Plugins
32:10 Our Hosting Servers
33:50 What is push Notification
35:43 Should we make backlinks on blogspot domains
36:10 Should we make backlinks on high DA and PA sites
39:10 What should we write on
41:59 How can we find trending topics
43:10 Outro
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