How to choose your first RAV Drum. RAV Vast Blog #8

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How to choose a tuning? Which one is the best for a beginner? In this episode Ricky Hillson will give you the answers.

0:01 Goose and Ricky duet
0:14 Which scale is best you to a playing style
0:48 What RAV and Native american flute have in common?
1:09 Does every RAV sounds harmonic?
1:32 What scales are best for beginners?
2:09 Different styles of play on B Kurd
2:32 Playing by Using 3 fingers
3:09 How to find your rythm
3:43 Plying dyads
4:09 Playing triads
4:21 Why B Kurd is good for first time players
4:48 Which scale is good with guitar and flure
5:37 How does it sound?
6:32 Which scale adds a variety to your playing
7:04 what a sound!
8:00 Choose what you like!

RAV Vast is a new innovative musical instrument and the only steel tongue drum to rival the sound of a handpan or a hang drum.

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