How to Jungle Rubick at Level 1 on Radiant

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The Grand now the Grand Jungler?

The strategy involves creep pulling the hard camp by using the Telekinesis ability over a ledge and bringing it to the Radiant's safelane creep wave. Once the hard camp is cleared, the creeps will then walk to the easy camp allowing for an easy chain pull (hence "automatic chain pulling"). Once the easy camp cleared, it can then again be chained pull to the alternative hard camp which effectively denies the entire creep wave if done correctly. The entire process is repeated until whenever the player decides to stop.

This can be used in conjunction with normal creep pulling. This would mean that setting up a tri lane consisting of Rubick, a carry hero that can deal with creep damage and another support hero to pull the other creep waves can theoretically deny every creep wave on the safe lane whilst guaranteeing safe farm for the carry.
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