✅ How to Start a Blog in Less Than 15 Minutes (Updated for 2021)

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✅ Learn how to how to start a blog with WIX which is an online website building platform that gives you access to hundreds of professional templates to choose from.
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Video Timestamps:
1:33 - Logging Into Your Wix Account
2:05 - Navigating the Wix Dashboard
2:15 - Selecting Your Desired Template
4:13 - Manipulating the Wix Editor
4:51 - Adjusting Blog Website Hero Branding
5:28 - Wix Blog Interface
6:02 - Managing Blog Posts
7:53 - Creating A New Blog Post
11:44 - Posting Your New Blog Post To The Internet
12:23 - Checking Out Your New Blog Website
13:06 - Adding Categories To Filter Your Posts
14:12 - Conclusion & Outro

WIX provides an online website building platform where you can select a professional template from hundreds available and an intuitive drag and drop editor so you can jump right in and start editing. This whole platform was designed to help you create your website exactly how you want using tools that allow you to focus on getting creative instead of getting lost in all of the technical details of building a website or blog.

One of the oldest forms of sharing information on the internet is through a blog. A blog is simply a place where you can consistently share different types of content ranging from text posts and images, to videos or technical documents. What’s great about blogging is that whatever it is that interests or inspires you can be turned into a blog! It’s all about finding a topic you are passionate about and enjoy sharing with others.

The blog format is one that has been refined over the past 20 years and several platforms have appeared over the years to try and provide a solution for a one stop shop for creating, hosting and sharing your blog. This is where Wix has taken all of these lessons learned by other platforms and refined it. They can now provide an all in one suite of tools that allows you to create a website from the ground up. This includes selecting the right templates to get your blog site started. From there you can take a template and use the editor I mentioned before to take these elements and create something wholly unique to the aesthetic and style that you are aiming for.

In this video I will show you how to utilize these tools to help you create your first blog. We will start with absolutely nothing, select a template and dive right into it. You will know how to delete the existing blog posts, add your own, customize them, add categories and adjust how they look on your website. Then with all of the content in order we will then publish your brand new blog directly to the internet for the world to see! Of course if you aren’t quite ready to share this with the world you will know exactly how to convert the post back into the draft and make edits to it!

Follow along step by step and by the end of the video you will be have your own blog and the knowledge to customize it even further and add or remove more posts as well as adding blog elements directly to your website. Of course you can also watch through the video and use the Link after the video to take the knowledge gained from this video and turn it into your very first blog.

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