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Intraday Trading Daily Profits 10000 - By Using this you can earn Daily Profits of 10000.

I Call it Time Bomb Strategy since it has to be done in specific timing afterwards it explodes won't be used.

Time Bomb Strategy is one of the Best Trading Strategy which has been used by successful Traders and Technical Analyists and made Huge Profits in Intraday Trading .

Along with Intraday Trading Strategy i have explained Risk Reward, Stop Loss, Booking Profit Ration.

Here you all need to follow the steps and Rules which i explained for gaining Profits in Stock Market.
Buy Setup:
Nifty 15 Min Green Candles,
Entry: Buy only the stocks which break the 15 min candle High.

Rules of this Trading Strategy:

1- Trade with Stop Loss with Day Low
2- Book Profit in 1:2 Ration
3- Do not Take Fresh Trdes after 10:45 AM
4- Do no Take Stock Open Above 2%
5 - Exit By 1PM
6- Follow your Risk Reward Management
7- Do not Break Money Management

I Hope this video helps you all in Intraday Trading For Earining Daily Profits of 10000 (Time Bomb Strategy)


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