Level 1 P.E.K.K.A VS Max Level Defense| How Strong is Entry Level P.E.K.K.A | Clash of Clans

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New Level 9 PEKKA is all good and game guys! But today let's take a look at her younger sister, Level 1

We gonna see how strong is level 1 PEKKA by battling her with max level defense and see how it goes. is one of the strongest troop in Clash of Clans. No surprise that it can destroy literally every defense building all alone at her max level. Since max level PEKKA is obviously strong, we don't need to conduct a further research to measure how strong she is, instead we gonna see and measure how strong is PEKKA at her entry level (level 1). This experiment will show actually how strong is PEKKA. Level 1 PEKKA is available at Town Hall Level 7 which is pretty low and if level 1 PEKKA can destroy max level building which need max town hall level that will be pretty interesting. Of course max level PEKKA will be better choice especially the new level 9 if you already have one since it is surely bring a lot of different when destroying your enemy base but since it's pretty expensive (you'll need 60 Millions Elixir and 69 Days of Research Time) we need to see how much different level 1 PEKKA compared to new Level 9 PEKKA.

Will level 1 PEKKA be able to destroy even a single max level defense?
Is she PEKKA already very strong even at her entry level?
Let's see and enjoy!

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