Marapu - Latest Telugu short film 2020 || Directed by bhagavan vooda || Feel the Film

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Watch and enjoy Marapu the latest Telugu short Film on life.
After the two lyrical songs and glimpse this time we are presenting you the New Telugu short Film Marapu Directed by Bhagavan vooda

Feel The Film Production

Cast: @sandeepdeepu9491 &


Story-Direction: @bhagavan_vooda

: @b_gopal_shan

Producer: @freind_of_failure

Music: @arjun_2_aarav

Singer: @Raj_kumar7_pk

Designer : @

Amma lyrical song:

Marapu short-film Glimpse:

Meghama lyrical song:

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We had tried our best for bringing out this film to the maximum extent without stepping out of our houses during this phase, and we are glad that we could succeed in creating a whole new film without approaching the studios and we did a lot of homework for the accomplishment of this film. Hereby we may have given even more quality content but due to the pandemic conditions, we tried the best of us to present you the Film with minimum errors as possible, so please do support our hard work and we really apologize for any errors if you notice them while watching.
Thank you guys for the love and care that you showed to us.

Please do share the film if you watched it and liked it and we need help from each and every one of you for promoting our channel and help us grow and we will promise you for the best content in the upcoming days.


Special thanks to our college and room friends who support us to make this film.

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