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Fast Food Toys reviews the new McDonald's Space Jam 2 A New Legacy Happy Meal toys that are coming next to McDonald's US restaurants in July 2021 right after the McDonalds Luca Happy Meal toys. We do the complete set of 12 unboxing vs the McDonalds Disney Pixar Luca Happy Meal toys! The McDonalds Space Jam Happy Meal toys are next in July 2021 and there is a full set of 12 McDonald's Space Jam Happy Meal toys. The 1st Space Jam movie was 25 years ago in 1996! There is a full set of 8 Luca McDonald's toys. Here's the complete list of the set of 12 2021 McDonald's Space Jam 2 Happy Meal toys ( McDonald's Space Jam: A New Legacy toys): #1 Bugs Bunny #2 LeBron James Dunk #3 LeBron James #4 Tasmanian Devil #5 Lola Bunny #6 Yosemite Sam #7 Daffy Duck #8 Elmer Fudd #9 Sylvester (and Tweety) #10 Marvin the Martian #11 Road Runner #12 Wile E. Coyote. Here's the complete list of McDonalds Luca toys with water toy number & toy name: #1 Luca Paguro sea monster swimming toy #2 Monalisa the green fish water gun squirting toy #3 Alberto Scorfano human color changing toy in cold water #4 Giulia Marcovaldo wind up swimming toy #5 Alberto Scorfano sea monster swimming toy #6 Machiavelli the cat water gun squirting toy #7 Luca Paguro human color changing toy #8 Massimo Marcovaldo swimming pool toy. The Luca promo dates are in June and July 2021. We also review the Luca toys McDonald's restaurant display & McDonald's commercial! The Luca movie is super fun & takes place in a small town on the Italian Riviera seaside Portorosso. McDonald's US has the McDonalds Luca movie Happy Meal toys promotion right on time for the summer holidays! The Disney Pixar Luca movie is exclusively on Disney+ on June 18, 2021. It features the following Luca characters & cast: Jacob Tremblay as Luca Paguro, Maya Rudolph as Daniela, Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto Scorfano, Jim Gaffigan as Lorenzo, Emma Berman as Giulia, Marco Barricelli as Massimo Marcovaldo, Giula's father. Luca is a sea monster creature / mermaid fish boy! So is Alberto! Here is the Funko Pop Luca toys collection: # 1052 Giulia Marcovaldo with Machiavelli cat # 1053 Luca Paguro (Land) # 1054 Alberto Scorfano (Land) # 1055 Luca Paguro (blue sea monster) # 1056 Alberto Scorfano (purple sea monster). We also have the Mattel Luca & Giula with telescope, Luca & Alberto with build a scooter and Luca mini 6-pack. We love the Disney Pixar Luca film trailers! We did the review the McDonald's Luca Happy Meal toy commercial!

The next toys after the Nintendo Burger King Super Mario toys are the DC Comics Justice League toys and then the Angry Birds Burger King toys in April! The Luca toys will also be available in Latin America including Mexico and Brazil. They are known as space jam cajita feliz juguetes and space jam mclanche feliz brinquedos. We'd like them to have the SpongeBob SquarePants and Scoob! Scooby-Doo Happy Meal toys. The next toys after the July McDonald's Space Jam 2 A New Legacy Happy Meal toys are the Teen Titans Go! Happy Meal toys in August - September & then Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Happy Meal toys in October.

Are you excited that McDonald's US has Disney Pixar Luca McDonalds Happy Meal toys and then the McDonald's Space Jam 2 toys?

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