Mega Construx sent me a second box of Halo Infinite sets for FREE to review!

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Join me as I find out what Halo Infinite sets are in the second box Mega Construx very kindly sent me for free to review.

Although I did receive these sets from Mega Construx for free I am not being paid by them to produce this video.

If you'd like to support the channel you can do so by purchasing sets through my Amazon affiliate links on both and Amazon UK

Recon Getaway on Amazon. com
Recon Getaway on Amazon UK.

Warthog Rally on Amazon. com
Warthog Rally on Amazon UK.

Pelican Inbound on Amazon. com
Pelican Inbound on Amazon UK.

Banshee Breakout on Amazon. com
Banshee Breakout on Amazon UK.

Skiff Intercept on Amazon. com
Skiff Intercept on Amazon UK.

Defense Point Showdown on Amazon. com
Defense Point Showdown on Amazon UK.

What you need to

Always price check before buying through my links.

I buy all my new sets from :
If you'd like to support the channel you can do so by using my Amazon affiliate link above to buy your Mega Construx or anything else you like from Amazon. (it's the same price to you guys but I may get a small commission from Amazon I can use to buy more sets).

All my used sets come from Ebay UK.

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Enjoy the channel!
Brick Man

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any Halo based video game footage/pictures used in this video. They are for reference only.

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