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Synopsis: 2020 New Gambling Action Movie "King of Gamblers" is about a gambling ship named Bi'an in the international waters where it's a heaven for gamblers. 15 years ago, the old captain set a trap in a poker competition. As a result, the Asian gamble king, Wu Yong, lost his legs. Also the old captain had to leave the ship for 15 years. 15 years later, the ship appears again and the invitations are sent to all famous gamblers. Now the old captain is conspiring to retake the ship, and the apprentices of Wu Yong are also planning revenge. The final competition is

Studio: Baos Film
Producer: An Qi, Zhou Feng
Director: Zhang Jianchun
Writer: Xiong Kewen
Starring: Yao Yao, Felix Lok
Genres: #Action, #Drama

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