Noodle Islam || Short Film || Based on 2020 || A Kabir Kashyap Film

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|| A complete Non Actors film||
| Genre- Drama
| Language - Mymensingh/ Bangali Dialect

This film is a Work of Fiction based on real Events of 2020.
The year 2020 has been a disaster for the World. Covid 19 , Lockdown, Floods etc has given the common civilians the toughest of time last year.
This Film tries to portray the Life of two Goalpara (Assam) based brothers in the time of a Natural Disaster with Fictional elements in Relevance with Real Events.

Written by - Kabir Kashyap

(The people who acted in this film are complete NonActors and are actually labourers working throughout Assam).

I shot this one with My Samsung M30 Phone, I tried my best to make this one with limited budget, gadgets. Might not be that good, but will try more, make more.
I'm just learning and Developing.
Thank you ????????

End Credits (BGM) - Stand by me
Singer - Ben E. King (Original)
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