Overwatch 2 Battle Pass System NEEDED? | Free To Play PvP?

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Overwatch 2 needs a Battle Pass? Blizzard has been asking Heathstone players about a new Battle Pass system they're thinking about adding to the game - so are Blizzard looking to add a Battle Pass into Overwatch 2? If Blizzard did include a Battle Pass in Overwatch 2, just what content would it contain? Will we season new Story Missions with each Battle Pass season? There is one BIG issue though - we still have no idea how much Overwatch 2 will cost - or more will Overwatch and Overwatch 2 go Free To Play?

One thing's for sure - Overwatch 2 cannot use a Loot Box system. Loot Boxes have been pretty much dead in gaming for years now. When Overwatch launched they were the done thing, and arguable the Overwatch Loot Box was the best in the industry - Remember they very quickly address the issue with duplicate items and such.

Could an Overwatch 2 Battle Pass follow the same unlock system we see in the mini events - win certain numbers of games to unlock special rewards? What about new Achievements? Lots to Discuss in this video!

Blizzard Battle Pass Info - #comments

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