Project Zomboid - Welcome To The Apocalypse // EP1

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Project Zomboid is a YouTube series adapted from a Twitch stream where we are going to try to survive in a zombie infested apocalypse.

This series is a Twitch series and as a result focuses far more on entertainment than playing efficiently or min/maxing. Please keep that in mind when providing feedback. No mods for this series will be considered.

Here are the Project Zomboid scenario settings:
» Game version Beta 41
» Survivor Difficulty / Default Settings
» Start in Muldraugh
» No Mods

Here are the starting character traits:
» Unemployed
» High Thirst
» Overweight
» Weak Stomach
» Slow Reader
» Sunday Driver
» Outdoorsman
» Fast Learner
» Thick Skinned
» Strong

This series is streamed live on

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