Ram Pothineni Hindi Dubbed Blockbuster Action Movie 2020 ! Anupama ! Prakash Raj Full Movie 1080p

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South Indian Movie Dubbed in Hindi is a happy-go-lucky youth in Kakinada whose life revolves around his loving parents and his friends. Although he is first very stubborn about staying in his hometown, he ultimately decides to move to Hyderabad after learning of his parents' desire for him getting a good IT job. He is asked to stay in the home of Viswanath, Sanju's mother, Gayatri's friend.

On the train to Hyderabad, Sanju meets Anupama, who he embarrasses and fools after hearing her badmouth Kakinada boys. He later finds out that Anu is none other than Viswanath's daughter and he will have to share a home with her and drop her to college every morning. At first, Anu has a deep hatred for Sanju but later warms up to him due to his kindhearted nature and love for his family. They become good friends. Sanju also finds about Viswanath's reputation of always keeping his word and even sacrificed his dream of making Anu a doctor in order to fulfill a promise he made to his dying friend.

Sanju also takes interest in a girl working in his office named Reethu, and they begin a relationship. At the same time, his friendship with Anu strengthens, but when Reethu proposes to Sanju, he finally discovers his hidden love for Anu and realises that he cared for Anu more than just a friend. Just when he is about to reveal his love to Anu, Viswanath finalises Anu's engagement to Karthik, breaking Sanju's heart.

Viswanath and Sanju become close friends now, and Viswanath gives Sanju his word that he will be his friend until Sanju leaves Hyderabad. When Sanju finally reveals his love of Anu to Viswanath, Viswanath is stuck in a dilemma as he needs to keep up his word and be a friend to Sanju by helping him gain Anu's love, while still protecting Anu and trying to keep her away from Sanju's advances. After the hilarious and emotional chaos that ensues, Anu finally reveals to Sanju that she too loved him all along and asks him to take her away and marry her. When Viswanath gets to know about this, he too angrily and emotionally tells Sanju to take her away and marry her as he is very fed up with the situation. However, to Viswanath's shock, Sanju leaves the next morning (Anu's wedding day) while Anu is still at home. Sanju reveals that he did this as he did not want to hurt Viswanath, as he had to be a good friend to him, and he also realised that Viswanath will know best for his daughter. Soon, Viswanath arrives in Kakinada with Anu and happily gives his blessing for them to get married, as he realises that only Sanju can make Anu happy the whole life.
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