SCP-087: Recovered document | Full Walkthrough (v1.0) [No Commentary]

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Today we're joining D-8432 on his (more or less) epic journey down the dark and mysterious stairwell known as SCP-087.

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Have you ever think about the conspiracy theory?
SCP-087: Recovered document will open one of them.
The story based on the history of Dr. Kester. You have to explore the object, reveal its secrets and get to the truth, which SCP fund so carefully conceals from "ordinary mortals."
Are you ready to get an access to the secret fund's information?

Our lives are full of exciting and terrifying moments. The objects we are studying are basically used for weapons development. We sacrifice thousands of lives in sake of studies. The purpose is welfare, as they say. But, in fact, we are executors who have forgotten what pity and mercy are.

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