SCP-2399 A Malfunctioning Destroyer (Keter SCP Animation)

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Exposed: SCP Animation of Keter class object SCP-2399 aka the malfunctioning destroyer.
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The little boy sat at his bedroom window gazing up at the night sky, as he did every night. The moon shone bright and stars twinkled. He was fascinated by everything to do with the solar system. As he stared up at the sky and noticed something unusual, one of the stars was distinctly brighter than the others and looked to be moving, he picked up his telescope and looked into it.

What he saw made him drop the telescope in surprise, he had seen a shooting star before, but he had never seen anything moving as fast as this star. He picked up the telescope again, the star had travelled such a vast distance in the few seconds he had taken his eyes away that he thought it must’ve burnt out, but as he moved the telescope again he realised it had almost reached Jupiter. How was it possible that a shooting star could travel so far in such a short space of time he wondered. He made notes in his journal about what he had witnessed.

This video, being derived from written by djkaktus, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike
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