SCP Nukalypse Gameplay - First Look (PC Game)

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Whatsup Guys Today we are playing a new horror game called as SCP Nukalypse which is a new addition in SCP games . SCP Containment Break , SCP Blackout and Secret Laboratory are some of the famous games in the series.
My video includes following :
1) SCP Nukalypse Gameplay PC
2) SCP Nukalypse Walkthrough Part 1
3) SCP Nukalypse First Look

Try to survive in a Russian facility filled with enemies that have escape their containment cells with only your occasionally your guns.

The main SCPs you will be facing-off are:
SCP-173 - A concrete sculpture that can only move when it is out of your line of sight. As soon as you blink, it will hunt you down.
SCP-096 - "The Shy Guy" will cry without stop. If you look at its face, it will go into emotional distress and scream, then attack the viewer. Nothing is known that can prevent the viewer's death.
SCP-049 - "The Plague Doctor" is a medieval doctor that will try to "cure" all humans. If it touches the target, their organs shut down instantly, and all bodily function cease.

TITLE: SCP: Nukalypse
GENRE: Action, Free to Play, Indie, Strategy, Early Access
DEVELOPER: Zion Games Studio
PUBLISHER: Zion Games Studio
RELEASE DATE: 30 Apr, 2020.
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