Short-term Strategy Before Cross-Chain Future - This Week In Crypto (W8)

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We don't know for sure which projects will be the biggest cross-chain platforms but we can see which projects are aggressively pushing toward it. The key is to find them and get in them before they are popular.

00:00​ Intro & Price of Bitcoin
01:22 What is the paradigm shift
06:55 Fundamental of Bitcoin
07:27 Dubai Fund buys Cardano & Polkadot over Bitcoin
08:04 Cardano Mary protocol update
08:34 CRO reports 100 Millions users in crypto
09:45 burns 70 billion CRO
14:05 Kevin O'Leary invests in Bitcoin & Ethereum
14:45 First Crypto Hedge Fund in Spain & iTrust Capital
15:29 Bitfinex, Tether settle with the SEC
15:52 Square update & Mark Cuban on DeFi, NFT & Ethereum
17:45 Crypto adoption in Thailand
18:48 Various altcoins update
25:12 Conclusion

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