Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Afrojack Remix)

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Moombah is one of those records you probably heard on just about any party where Chuckie dropped his beats and thought: what the h*ll?! The massacre which followed on the dance floor when this bomb (or as David Guetta quoted: a battle weapon) got dropped was inevitable: total madness, and a track which became a much sought after release on the net, speculating by those YouTube fanatics what it was in the first place. It was only before Chuckie added Moombah to the tracklist of his Dirty Dutch compilation when people actually knew the ins and outs.

Moombah is the perfect hybrid of those nasty pumpin latin beats by Silvio Ecomo and the frantic high pitched synths by Chuckie, which should have a familiar feel to all of you A-listers. This synergy already proved to be mighty successful in Silvio Ecomos remix of Chuckies Let The Bass Kick.

The Moombah remix package is done and there you have it: three additional mixes by the undisputed Hardwell & Rehab, Sidney Riverside Samson and The Giant of Beats, Afrojack.
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