♦ Sims 2 vs Sims 3 vs Sims 4 : Murphy Bed - Mini Evolution

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Hey guys, this is a mini comparison about Murphy beds. Few people had asked me to compare them when the pack was just announced but I decided to skip this one when I heard about tiny living cause the concept just didn't interest me, but, I got to read some comments on my latest video boy, a good chunk of you don't know Murphy beds have existed since Sims 2 lol, so I thought I'd drop this video your way before I get back working on Servos, I quit working on it cause I got pretty sick but I didn't want to leave my channel for another month, now that I'm feeling better I thought it'd be best if I uploaded a short video before moving on to the longer one.

Do you like these shorter videos? Let me know.

So anyways, Murphy beds, they're a pretty interesting piece of furniture irl but The Sims just takes them to another level, their killing ratio has increased with each game since it's nearly impossible to kill Sims that way in Sims 2, seriously, this is the first time I had to use a mod to make a death happen.

My opinion?

This felt like a true evolution, it only got better and better. I liked the concept of the bed in 2, 3 focused more on the death while Sims 4 made it more manageable with their upgrades, plus, that ghost is fun! My only gripe is it came in a stuff pack and not in university or something of that sort.

But that's just my opinion, let me know what you think and I'll see you later with servos.
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