Take Daily Action - Affirmations to Help You Stop Procrastinating

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Happy 2021! Wishing you a super blessing and positive year! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out this channel and our videos. You are AWESOME :)

Here is Take Action Now - Affirmations to Help You Stop Procrastinating! Repeat these affirmations and get to doing what you know needs to be done. You only have one life to live! No better time than right now. This version contains music and no brainwaves.

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These videos are great for helping to create new beliefs, and they will help you immensely if you’re committed enough.
You’ve got to be willing to commit fully. And they will help you overcome the hurdles that are holding you back.

The best way to use one of our videos is to get clear on your goal and focus on it. Listen to a particular video for 21 days. 21 days because Research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and new So for you to ‘believe’ it, it will take you 21 days to change or form a new habit and to get rid of any debilitating and self-limiting beliefs. From my experience, The great news is is that it won’t even take 21 days before you start to see results. In fact, you most likely will see results and see things start to happen after just a couple days but please continue to listen for 21 days for best results. This process is greatly enhanced when you can relax your body and quiet your mind prior to listening.

These videos are a powerful way to reach the subconscious mind while bypassing critical awareness and logical reasoning. As you start to assimilate them, they will create a new neural network in your brain. Be consistent and listen to a particular video as often as possible for 21 days. If you can't listen to 30 minutes, then at least listen to 5 or 10 minutes, that is better than skipping a day. You don’t need to wear headphones but it is recommended. It’s best not to listen to anything else while you are listening to these affirmations. You can listen to multiple videos but it is best to focus on one particular area and avoid scattering and trying out other affirmation videos at the same time. For example, if losing weight is the most important target you have, put your energy in it and avoid listening to different affirmations in different topics. the best time to listen to these affirmations is just before drifting off to sleep at night, and just after waking in the morning before arising but really anytime that you can listen to them is great.

If you can follow these instructions, your life will transform for the better. As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began. Use headphones for best results but are not necessary.

Hope this video inspires and motivates you to take action. :)


I take action.
Every day, I take action.
I take action immediately.
I take action right now.
I am always inspired to take action.
I just naturally take action right away.
I get things done quickly and easily.
I accomplish my dreams and goals quickly and easily.
I spend more time doing rather than thinking.
I act now.
I am an action taker.
I take action now.
I am a doer.
I take action towards my goals daily.
I take charge of my life by taking positive actions to improve it.
I take determined action towards my goals.
I take positive actions every day to move closer to my dream.
I talk less and do more.
I think less and take action more.
I transform my thoughts into reality by taking positive action.
I turn every intention into action.
I am accomplishing my goals faster and faster now.
I am accomplishing my goals in less and less time.
I take charge and get things done.
I get things done quickly.
I am always moving forward and working on my goals.
I work hard first and play later.
I always start a project right away.
I always get a head start and have plenty of time to complete my work.
Others admire that I make things happen now rather than later.
I complete projects with plenty of time to spare.
I am someone who seizes the moment and takes action.
+ many more affirmations!
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