The BEST Platform for Beginners to Start a Blog in 2021

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If you're a beginner blogger who wants to start a blog in 2021, look no further! The very best place for beginners to start a blog in 2021 is in fact Medium.

Why? Several reasons, especially if you want to make money writing (or just want a place to build a portfolio!).

1. It is SO easy to build your audience and get paid, even as a beginner blogger! 00:28

This is versus Newsbreak, Vocal Media, and Wordpress/Squarespace. Beginner bloggers shouldn't need to worry about all the extras, just start writing and ideally earning some money!

2. No need for any formatting! 1:41. The editor is super easy and intuitive in Medium. You just open a new draft and start typing. Beginner bloggers should NOT have to focus on formatting, and Medium is the best place for beginner bloggers not to stress about this!

3. You don't need SEO, marketing, or anything else - there's an in-built distribution mechanism call "curation." 2:17. Hardly and beginner bloggers know about this kind of stuff, much less enjoy is - that's why Medium is the best platform for beginner blogs.

4. There's no NICHE! 3:19. Why is this so good? Because really, who among us only wants to talk about one thing forever? And who among us wants to only hear about a single topic? Nobody! Medium's lack of necessary niche means you have the opportunity to write about WHATEVER you want, whenever.

5. There's a pre-existing audience, so even if you can't make money straight-away on the partner program, you can easily make money by accessing the audience that is already on Medium for anything else you sell, like product or service. 6:15

6. The #1 priority on Medium is showing high-quality content to interested readers. 7:52 It is BEST for people who don't know how to game the system because there isn't a good way to hack things. The only "hack to success" is writing well.
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