The Possessive Mask (SCP Animation)

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SCP-035 has always been cooperative with the Foundation, but then again, the Foundation has always been willing to provide it with victims. After a new protocol bans the possessive mask from any new hosts, it begins to lash out, causing severe migraines to anyone within 30 feet of it. One young researcher, who has taking a liking to SCP-035, starts to becomes swayed but the mask's smooth talking

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Featured Artists:
???? Illustrator:
Ariana Perry -
???? Illustrator:
Emily Barbary
???? Illustrator/Animator:
Mitch Fernandez -
???? Animator:
Yasmeen Shaban -
???? Video Editor/Sound Design:
K. William Scott

Featured Voice Actors:
???? Ryan Stewart -
???? Adam Odeh -
???? Ariel Heck -

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Original Author(s):
► "Possessive Mark?" based upon "SCP-035” written by: Kain Pathos Crow:

Licensed under CC-BY-SA
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