Top 8 Snow Ideas - Super Mario Maker 2 Level Ideas

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Need some creative ideas for your snow levels? Check out this video for frosty inspiration!


Mario Maker 2 Level Ideas Playlist:


Stranded and Alone by Serge - 3KL-9X5-5HG
Bring the Heat by Arrowstotle - L19-TSY-DSG


If you are looking for incredible Super Mario Maker 2 level ideas for the snow theme, look no further! We have 8 unique things you can use right away in your course design.

1. Aggressive Avalanche
We can use tracks with ice blocks out of the player's view combined with a frantic speed run to create a feeling of an avalanche while playing.

2. Yoshi Unity
Team up with Yoshi for some belly-sliding fun to break through icicles and complete cooperative challenges.

3. Spiketop Swarm
Slippery night snow theme combined with cloud blocks falling from the sky to give a snow look! Defeat this horde of frosty enemies.

4. Luigi Claus
Luigi visits koopatown and wants to bring holiday spirit. In this puzzle level, he has to bring the right gifts to the correct koopas to continue through the course.

5. Ski Resort
Luigi takes some time to relax by going up the ski lift and picking one of three difficulties of slopes.

6. Stranded and Alone
On a cold and eerie night, Luigi crashes his truck and has to survive in the wilderness.

7. Excavation Exploration
After a snow storm, Luigi's gold is hidden and frozen. Bash your way through to find new paths (blocked by scroll stopping) and uncover the treasure.

8. Bring the Heat
Luigi's heaters are frozen solid! Collect fireflowers by completing icicle puzzles to bring warmth back to the house. See how the house changes through a progressive hub world system throughout!


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