Villagers of Ioannina City - Through Space and Time (Alive in Athens 2020)

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Villagers of Ioannina City - Through Space and Time (Alive in Athens 2020)
video premiere on Saturday May 1st 2021 at 23:00 (UTC+3)

The full live performance from VIC's headline show at Faliro Sports Pavilion Arena in Athens, GR
on February 15th 2020
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"Welcome, our friends, here comes the sun,
breath out, we are finally reborn.
Time flies in circles and rerun, so fast,
but time is an illusion and it bends,
and now it makes much more sense.
We've experienced strange days, but you have to remember
life is just a ride.
Dance and sing along with us tonight, spring has arrived.
Look at the horizon, the sun is reaching out,
from the mountains to wash away the fear.
No fear no more, stand up straight, together,
with all the wanderers of mind and the dreamers of a different world.
If we stand together as one we will overcome,
we will finally be free, sailing to an open sea
we will rise to the sky like a sparkle in the night.
Our friends, welcome!"


-Edited and directed for the screen by Stathis Mitsios
-Filmed by DK films

-Recorded live by Vasilis Skouras and Marios Kambouroglou
-Audio editing by Asteris Partalios at Magnanimous Studio, Thessaloniki, GR
-Audio mixing by Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound, Los Angeles. CA
-Audio mastering by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room. Milwaukee, MI

-Live sound engineer - Asteris Partalios
-Live visuals & scenography - Stathis Mitsios
-Live lighting engineer - Nikos "Lopez" Kechagias


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