walkthrough minecraft custom map SCP MINECRAFT BREACH part 1 (biggest SCP map ever made)

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{UPDATE 7/28/2014}
Thanks to: LDPRxPS3x1
for posting a link to a revised version of the mod which should be compatible to my map
(not confirmed please tell me if it is or not)

[UPDATE 4/16/2014]
ok so some of you have been wondering how to install this
well i've got some bad i just found out that they have stopped updating the mod so you'll have to have an older version of minecraft to play it (and my map)

[UPDATE 7/27/2013]
YAY 5,155 IS
ps. going to make install video now

[UPDATE 6/6/2013]
3,035 SO and I also got the third part up ʸᵃʸ

[UPDATE 5/23/2013]
yay just over 1337 veiws

hey i got the 2nd part to upload XD

WOW 1,079 veiws never thought i would get even 50 compaired to everything else i do thanks for dealing with the annoying groans in the background i could'nt fin a way to SHUT IT UP!!!

sorry for not uploading the rest of it youtube keeps failing me

map download :
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