ZERO Loss Option Strategy in Share Market (Hindi)

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In this Q&A video, we have discussed the following questions

1. What is your exact analysis (exact point of a set up) that your swing trade stocks give a sharp movement?

2. Someone said " India is at the beginning of the mother of all bull runs"

Sir is this a speculation move and does technical analysis support the statement??

3. When there is a lot of good news coming one after the other about a company will eventually trap retailers n big players r waiting for offloading their

As of now the same is the case with Reliance and BHARTI AIRTEL. Every other day there is news and they r flying up like
Do u think the same psychology is about to happen with these two players now?

4. Many of the promoters are selling stakes in their Are they seeing something in the near future which common investor is not able to see?

5. We all believe that somewhere down the line markets will again go down.

But if medicine/vaccine is found in July / Aug ( or some authentic news).
Do you think we will not go down and will test the New Highs first?

6. Are we came out from recession as we are now above the level of 9944 (20%of 12430)?

7. As you said prop desk has made short positions in index futures as hedging for buying in cash but also we have seen them closing their short positions now in index futures. If they are planning to square up their cash position in profit now then why they close these index future short positions as they could have gained from it when the market comes down?

8. why FII seeing values in Indian market at these levels and started as they buy for medium to long term, so can't they see Q1 loss, NPAs, job losses and thus bad economic outlook ahead

9. Does butterfly spread options strategy have limited risk or some hidden risk?

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